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Ages and stages of sexuality


Ages and stages of sexuality

Children are not devoid of sexuality.

They have their own brand of sexuality that corresponds to their age and stage of life.

Sexuality starts when a baby is first conceived and develops throughout their lifespan.

Just like all other areas of development, it is normal and healthy for a child's sexuality to grow and develop as they grow and change.

A person’s sexuality, much like their personality, is assembled over the years from different components including the brain and the body’s natural growth and development, experiences as a child, the way the child ‘reads’ the world.8

All children are different but there are general stages that everyone goes through.

It can be overwhelming for parents, who wonder what is normal and how best to support their child at each stage. But remember, love, support and acceptance go a long way in helping your child to feel safe and to make informed choices.

The following sections will give you an idea of what to expect, what you can do to support and guide your child, and how to answer some of those ‘curly’ questions.