Young people, teens, children starting puberty, adolescence, youth, young adults.


Public and private body parts, reproductive systems.

Body image

Positive body image, media and body image, stereotypes and expectations, body image and puberty.


Consensual touch and non-consensual touch, sexual consent, laws around sexual consent.


Pregnancy prevention, unplanned pregnancy, IUD, the pill, implanon, the rod, injection, emergency contraception, morning after pill, sterilisation, nuva ring, diaphragm, withdrawal, fertility awareness, contraception, contraceptives.


Supporting children with special educational needs, physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, learning difficulties, ADHD, ADD, Down syndrome, autism, etc.

Emotional literacy

Emotions, feelings, coping skills, communication skills, self-esteem, resilience.


Family, different kinds of families, parents, siblings, grandparents, step-families, getting along, falling out, conflict resolution, new siblings, changes to families., family values, culture and religion.

Family and domestic violence

FDV, intimate partner violence, abuse, violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, neglect, support, help-seeking.


Friends, friendship, changes in friendships, getting alone, falling out, conflict resolution, respectful relationships, qualities of a friend.


Gender roles, gender expectations, gender stereotypes.

Gender diversity

Transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming.


Guidelines and principles of best practice for relationships and sexuality education related topics.

Health education

General health education.

Health literacy

Understanding and applying health information, critical analysis, analytical skills.

Help seeking

Finding and using appropriate and reliable health resources and services, support services, supporting self and others.


Immunisations, vaccines, vaccinations, HPV vaccine, disease prevention, preventative health.

Intersex variations

Intersex, intersex variations.

Intimate relationships

Romantic relationships, sexual relationships, intimate relationships, respectful relationships, sexual intercourse, sexual behaviours, decision making,


Sex and the law - legal age of consent, sexting and image sharing laws, sexual assault laws, child exploitation laws, etc.

Media literacy

Critical analysis of media messages, determining reliable sources of information and services, understanding bias.

Mental health

Mental, social and emotional wellbeing, depression, self-harm, suicide, help-seeking.


Culturally and linguistically diverse, cultural diversity.


Online safety, esafety, online communication, online bullying, cyberbullying, messaging, gaming, image-sharing, etc.


How to care for a baby, parenting skills, parenting children and teenagers, age and stage appropriate information.


Pornography, sexually explicit images, child exploitation, laws on sexually explicit material, potential harms.

Protective behaviours

Child protection, protective behaviours, safety, child abuse, child exploitation, abuse, sexual assault.


Physical changes, emotional changes, social changes, puberty, pubescent, body changes, growing up, growth, menstrual cycle, periods.


Babies, how babies are made, human reproduction, reproductive systems, stages of pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, foetus, foetal growth, embryo, sperm, egg, uterus, body parts.

Research and reports

Research, surveys, reports, evidence, statistics, journal articles.

Safer sex

Condoms, condom negotiation, contraception, PrEP, PEP, STI prevention, unintended pregnancy prevention.

Sex education

General information about relationships and sexuality education.


Image sharing, image based abuse, sextortion, sexting.

Sexual diversity

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, queer, questioning, heterosexual, homosexual.

Sexual health

General information about sexual health and sexual health agencies.

Sexual abuse

Sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape, non-consensual, unwanted sexual contact, services and resources.


Sexual objectification, sexualisation, oversexualised.

STIs and BBVs

Sexually transmissible infections (STIs), blood-borne viruses (BBVs), chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, genital warts, human papillomavirus (HPV), syphilis, trichomoniasis, HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, testing, treatment.