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What you told us

Parents talk to their children about relationships and sexuality more often and in a more natural and open way when they feel confident. 

We looked at what current research advises and asked parents in WA what they would like to know to make them feel more confident.

We want knowledge“I just want to know what’s normal, what to expect with my kids.”

“Is that too much? Is that enough? Are they going to listen to me?”

“What things are they going to come across compared to what we did at their age?”

We want to know how to share our values with our children“What do I do when my child wants his girlfriend to stay over? How do I share my views without shutting down our relationship?”

“How do I encourage talking about sex without encouraging them to have sex?”

“What do you do when a topic is suddenly thrust upon you and you don’t have a book or website to go to?”

We want ideas on how to deal with all the sexual information in the media“How do we protect our kids online?”

“Kids have access to so much more information than we ever did. They can just sit down and Google ‘sex’.”

“Sexualised images are everywhere – all over social media, on music videos, on TV.”

We want to know how to keep communication going“What age do we start talking?"

“What do I say? Will they listen to me?"

“I want to talk but my daughter doesn’t!”

Talk soon. Talk often. provides information on these topics and offers opportunities for you to consider your own values and position on a range of issues to do with sex and relationships.